“The Search for an Honest Search”

Google’s ideological filtering makes its search as useful as an AI George Washington wearing a nose ring and corn rows. Kristin Jackson co-founded Freespoke to do the one job of …

“Privileged to Death”

Why are America’s people of pallor primed for persecution? Jeremy Carl’s new book seeks the answer to a unique instance of cultural suicide.

“The Prodigal Son”

Lawyer Marc Randazza has represented pornographers, Nazis and the very minions of Satan. Now he’s found God. The hard way.

“Colonialism of the Intellect”

From the Mideast to America’s fruited plain, the oddly selective cry of “stolen land” is reaching a fever pitch.  Historian Jeff Fynn-Paul’s book, “Not Stolen,” is his response. So it’s …

“Brownstones & Bow Ties”

Scholar and author Jeffrey Tucker, Founder of the Brownstone Institute, certainly cuts a distinctive image. He’s also a lot more fun than you’d think.

“Ariel’s Ascent”

Fake news is for suckers, sicophants and Soviets. Ariel David started Upward News because he’s not any of those things.

“Non-fool’s Arynne”

Viral sensation Arynne Wexler started her TikTok account (@NonLibTake) in July 2023 and had a viral video nearing 1M views by the month’s end. How exactly do you do that?

“Salvaging Civility”

O.W. Root, who goes by the handle @necktiesalvage on X, is on a mission to restore dignity to the way Americans dress. It’s about much more than style