“Ariadna Masters the Maze”

If you listen to Ariadna Jacob, you won’t be puzzled by how she’s managed to stay so ebullient and optimistic after what Team Cancel tried to do to her. So… …

“Life and Hanson”

Jim Hanson believes America matters – a lot. That’s why he wants to win this civil war without firing a shot.  

“The CRT Warrior”

Chris Rufo is leading the fight for common sense, rationality and an end to racial divisiveness in the schools and everywhere. In other words, he’s struggling against Critical Race Theory.

“Hammer Time Again”

Josh Hammer, Op-ed editor for Newsweek, returns to the show to discuss the further deterioration of free discourse, and how wokeness is threatening the core values of the legal profession.

“Kurt Is Back”

Find out what’s new in Kurt Schlichter’s latest book, “We’ll be Back,” as Kurt himself returns for his second appearance on ColemanNation.

“The Biggest Monopoly”

Ashley Baker isn’t against antitrust enforcement against big tech, or anyone. She merely wants to remind us that the biggest monopolist of all is the government. Do we want to …

“Curiosity Cancels”

Eoin Lenihan was an apolitical graduate student who naively stepped on the unseen third rail of “respectable” journalism: Antifa. He would learn to regret it.