“Mr. Smith Bolts From Washington”

Journalist Lee Smith, known on Twitter as @LeeSmithDC, doesn’t live there any more. But the author of The Permanent Coup and The Plot Against the President isn’t missing anything.

“The Classical Illiberal”

Adrian Vermeule scares the hell out of those conservatives who stand athwart history and gently suggest maybe a slower gear. Fact is, he’s not scary at all.

“Small State, Huge Stakes”

When Nicole Solas stood on her rights to see the curriculum in her child’s new Rhode Island school, the public education establishment fell on her like a ton of bricks. …

“Short’s Story”

Ashe Short has been following and reporting on creeping wokeness, cancel culture and the war on normal since before you ever heard of them. She brings us up to speed.

“Exit Stage Right”

  Kevin Dolan is the founder of Exit Group, a support network and of normal, non-militant men escaping – or recovering from –  cancel culture and woke oppression. Can they build …

“To Care is Devine”

Journalist Amanda Devine took the bull by the horns to write the definitive book about the NY Post story that definitively proved Twitter’s partisanship: The Hunter Biden laptop. Why does …