“Late Republic Conscience”

National security wiz Dave Reaboi loves jazz, bodybuilding, Twitter and getting America to pay attention to why it’s in decline. Three out of four isn’t bad.

“Insurrection, But Legal”

Lawyer and law professor William Jacobson fights the good and lonely fight in the chilly – in more ways than one – air of Ithaca. Luckily the creator and spirit …

“Litigating the Next Election”

After 2020, Cleta Mitchell gave up her private law practice to focus on one thing only: Righting the wrongs visited on America’s election process by state governments, courts, and political …

“Safe for Work”

Candice Horbacz loves her life, but won’t say it’s for everyone. It certainly isn’t. The actress also known as Eva Lovia talks about censorship, boundaries and growing up.

“The Ukraine Singularity”

Lee Smith has been researching and writing about the Ukraine factor in American politics for years. It’s about China, Democrats, Republicans, wokeness – and the contempt of rulers for their …

“Irina’s World”

Lawyer and international affairs analyst Irina Tsukerman was born in the Ukraine, but not yesterday. She discusses Putin’s war, Ukraine’s politics and much more in this fascinating and timely episode.

“Tony Schaffer the Day After”

When the US government approved, and then censored, and then bought every copy of his book, Operation Dark Heart, former military intelligence officer Tony Schaffer learned what getting censored is …