“The Ukraine Singularity”

Lee Smith has been researching and writing about the Ukraine factor in American politics for years. It’s about China, Democrats, Republicans, wokeness – and the contempt of rulers for their …

“Irina’s World”

Lawyer and international affairs analyst Irina Tsukerman was born in the Ukraine, but not yesterday. She discusses Putin’s war, Ukraine’s politics and much more in this fascinating and timely episode.

“Tony Schaffer the Day After”

When the US government approved, and then censored, and then bought every copy of his book, Operation Dark Heart, former military intelligence officer Tony Schaffer learned what getting censored is …

“How Sweet It Is”

  Serial entrepreneur, speaker, author, and early social media adopter Matt Sweetwood talks about how his real Job One has enabled him to weather the changes and come out on …

“First Amendment Extremist”

  Marc Randazza is a stubborn type, but he’s paid his dues – in First Amendment advocacy and otherwise. As a result, he’s watched the so-called free speech bar leave …

“Mr. Smith Bolts From Washington”

Journalist Lee Smith, known on Twitter as @LeeSmithDC, doesn’t live there any more. But the author of The Permanent Coup and The Plot Against the President isn’t missing anything.

“The Classical Illiberal”

Adrian Vermeule scares the hell out of those conservatives who stand athwart history and gently suggest maybe a slower gear. Fact is, he’s not scary at all.

“Small State, Huge Stakes”

When Nicole Solas stood on her rights to see the curriculum in her child’s new Rhode Island school, the public education establishment fell on her like a ton of bricks. …

“Short’s Story”

Ashe Short has been following and reporting on creeping wokeness, cancel culture and the war on normal since before you ever heard of them. She brings us up to speed.