“Amanda Milius: The Plot Thickens”

In her 2020 film “The Plot Against the President,” Amanda Milius laid out the whole Crossfire Hurricane debacle. Now Special Prosecutor John Durham is making his long awaited appearance in …

“Conceptually James”

James Lindsay has made the transition from academic mathematics to public policy analysis and criticism of the woke Left. Which means that for him, there’s no going back.

“A Star Turn for Robby Starbuck”

Cuban-American director and Hollywood insider Robby Starbuck left Tinseltown because of his unorthodox politics and values. Now he’s running for Congress and taking a turn in front of the camera.

“Meet Joe Kent”

More than a river separates Oregon’s 3rd Congressional district from Portland. Former Army Ranger, intelligence operative and Gold Star husband Joe Kent is here to remind the GOP of just …