“Kurt Is Back”

Find out what’s new in Kurt Schlichter’s latest book, “We’ll be Back,” as Kurt himself returns for his second appearance on ColemanNation.

“The Biggest Monopoly”

Ashley Baker isn’t against antitrust enforcement against big tech, or anyone. She merely wants to remind us that the biggest monopolist of all is the government. Do we want to …

“Curiosity Cancels”

Eoin Lenihan was an apolitical graduate student who naively stepped on the unseen third rail of “respectable” journalism: Antifa. He would learn to regret it.

“The Unwoke Rhetor”

Professor Erec Smith is a leader of a movement banding together young faculty to push back against the intellectual sloth of critical race theory. Is there still hope?

“Criminally Bad Taste”

Robust, unknown Scottish lad uploads a Nazi-pet-trick video in ghastly bad taste to his unknown YouTube channel as a birthday joke to his girlfriend. Next thing he knows it’s gone …

“Off the Spectrum”

FCC Commissioner Brendan Carr talks about the FCC, the Internet, the politics, and practicalities of regulating censorship on social media.

“Drilling Down”

Paul Gosar, DDS, the most conservative member of Congress, wants to do root canal on what’s rotten in American politics. You might feel some slight discomfort.